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From Anchorage to Deadhorse and back!
That's how far I drive ever week while I listen to Karenodie! It inspires me, keeps me awake, puts me to sleep, and feeds my soul.... She is awesome and not just because she is from Alaska (however it does make me a wee bit proud to have her as an Alaskan)! I don't even know how I ended up with her CD however I am so glad I did and she did it. Any more?
By chet3ccs (Palmer, Alaska)

What can't they do? Thumbs up.

Karenodie proved another welcome discovery. Apparently they have been performing around town for some time now and I'm surprised they escaped my attention. "Karenodie" is a nickname given to the singer by her brother; she writes the lyrics and melodies. Her husband, Paul Davis, does the instrumentation, which includes a lot of programming for percussion. He also does an excellent job arranging, engineering, mixing and mastering the album. I was struck right away by the first track, "Terra Incognita," with birds and whistles lending a fairytale atmosphere. Karenodie's voice is an interesting mix of Kate Bush and Siouxsie Sioux, but you can't pigeonhole the album that easily. Her vocal style is pliable, as is the music overall; they alternate easily between an adult contemporary sound and a more countryish feel. What can't they do? Thumbs-up.

Crystal Hutchens           Anchorage Press

Karenodie was the winner of the 2000 and 2002 Pop Rock catagory at the Alaska Public Radio Network "Song of the Year" Contest

Karenodie is sassy and clever... in a creatively musical sort of way.

The album begins with "Terra Incognita," an immediately funky tune with heavy reggae elements, such as wah-wah guitars bouncing rhythm and droning ska bass line. It almost reminds me of Yoko Ono's "Seasons of Glass," though her vocals are in pitch and tune in a very powerful presentation of imagery and sound....Karenodie could totally be commissioned to write and perform a song for a James Bond film. In "The Wind Through Kansas," I can just see the dancing naked female silhouettes as the music plays and Karenodie sings....the musical end of "The Bitch Machine," has a real David Bowie quality to it with a driving beat and nonsensical, yet sensational lyrics. It's a tune that just moves along at full throttle....Check out a sample and order a copy of Karenodie's musical mayhem by visiting her website at

Josh Cole Wasilla Frontiersman Newspaper

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